To inspire and motivate others through our posts.

Inform and educate people about various things and issues.

Through our interviews we celebrate, appreciate and recognize others doing various things with their talents and passion. To show support even as they continue fulfilling their future aspirations.

To encourage and uplift Christians in the faith...the road of righteousness is not always easy, sometimes we fall but when fellow Christian brothers and sisters help each other up...we can stand again and walk this journey together..

They say "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so we also put in some fashion and entertaining posts

But hey.. LolaOsun is not a gossip blog so you won't be seeing updates about where Beyonce, Usher, Oprah or others were just few minutes ago..lol!

LolaOsun does hope you feel inspired, encouraged and learn something from these posts...enjoy reading! 

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