Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video: Rest In Peace Karyn Washington

Karyn Washington, For Brown Girls
Recently it was announced that the beautiful young lady, Karyn Washington, the lady behind For Brown Girls committed suicide at age 22.
It's pretty sad, for a young girl who had so many wonderful years ahead of her, to take her life.
According to this video she committed suicide not because she was insecure about her brown skin but because she was dealing with the death of her mother which apparently became unbearable for her to deal with.

Her blog, For Brown Girls is an inspirational blog that helps motivate women to appreciate and accept their beautiful brown skin.

A young lady with a heart big enough to care about uplifting other ladies, its rather unfortunate that it seems she couldn't get the uplifting and motivation she needed the most.

We all have people in our lives, who stand strong for us, for our sake. Who uplift us even without us having to ask for it, who are there to motivate us when we feel weak. Unfortunately sometimes we don't realize that even those who are strong for us, sometimes need someone to be strong for them too. We all aren't strong every time.

Let's learn to check on others who check on us. Learn to positively feed the souls of others who positively feed our souls/body/mind

May Her Soul Rest in Peace

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