Monday, April 21, 2014

Video Games Make You Aggressive

Image from sciencedaily
A typical scenario: A group of young men; college students, playing a game of Soccer, Football, or any other typical male video games and while playing you hear them utter profane language and occasionally throw their game controllers or hit them against something and make those angry viscous facial expressions.

You might think. Ugh He is so aggressive. Probably born that way. I don't want my kids playing any violent video games because they will become aggressive.

A research study Video Gamers' Aggression Born From Frustration, Not Violence: Study was made and according to the study, violent games do NOT make you aggressive. It's actually difficult games that do make one aggressive due to frustration.

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Juice Cubes are a few of the popular games we now have on your various phone devices and these games do have quite a number of difficult levels. Many of us play these mobile games it anywhere and everywhere so if someone is sitting beside you playing a mobile video game and goes 'Ugh'...Lol! Don't panic, he is just frustrated because he's playing a difficult level...

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