Monday, April 28, 2014

Should we feel sorry for Donald Sterling knowing he was set up by girlfriend?

Over the weekend, I heard the news about the racist comments made by Donald Sterling but I didn't listen to the actual racist rants until today. You can listen here Donald Sterling's Racist Rant

Donald Trump also recently made a statement regarding the situation. Donald Trump says Sterling was set up by girlfriend from Hell and a couple other people have also made some comments about it as well.
Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling, is entitled to his opinion but one would think that in this modern times he will be more enlightened and have an opened mind especially being an owner of a team that is one of the highly recognized teams in the NBA because of the many years of hard work and commitment of a number of African Americans over the years. 

He may have been set up by his girlfriend which is unfortunate but it doesn't take away from the fact that..he made those comments and feels that way.

Such racism should not be a surprise but should not go tolerated and ignored especially in the NBA, a place many African Americans make their dream....

To the LA clipper players...good luck with the games!!

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