Monday, April 28, 2014

Perfect feet? Surgery to fit into designer high heel shoes...Sigh!

The 'Cinderella Surgery"

Last time I checked, Cinderella was a fictional character and she doesn't actually exist. Is there a reason we want to have anything in total resemblance to Cinderella, a perfect fictional character that doesn't actually exist when we are simply existing imperfect human creatures. 

Well the medical world has decided to make it possible for those insatiable women to get their perfect feet...

I pray for my future daughter, to realize that she is an imperfect human creature and to love herself just the way she is. No matter how much of herself she alters, she can never be perfect if she doesn't feel beautiful within. That the world will only continue to try to change her ever so often but even the world itself is imperfect.....

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