Monday, April 7, 2014

Don't they look so cute together

Watched every episode of the real housewives of Atlanta when it first aired and a few seasons after, but now I don't, except I happen to stumble upon it on TV. I guess now I just don't have interest in watching women who obviously don't like each other hang out together for the sake of a reality show only to end up fighting almost every time...Anyways this is just me digressing..

Back to the picture (Kandi and Todd)

I happened to watch the last episode and the part I liked the most in the entire episode was when Todd was talking to Mama Joyce. Why I liked it? Because Todd was calm, was polite, was respectful. Men don't like to be disrespected, or talked down upon (well no one likes to...) for no reason whatsoever. But when you are about to marry someone and the mother openly disapproves of you and creates some sort of drama, it takes a lot for a man to put aside his ego, and talk to the mother in law to be, all for the sake of the woman he loves, and for the sake of peace and love to abide.

I don't know these people but from that scene I watched, I'd say 'Todd is a good guy"

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