Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12 year old girl gives birth

When I first saw the headline on the news, I was appalled. I am not oblivious to the fact that today, we have very young kids already sexually active. A 12 year old girl from Britain is said to have given birth to a baby for her boyfriend, a 13 year old boy.
Apparently the young couple have been dating for a few years, they met when the girl was 10. From calculations, they have known each other for about two years.
The 12 year old's mother; who is a 27 year old young lady is supportive of her daughter.
Read 12 year old girl gives birth

A 12 year old and 13 year old couple are still so young to understand what it means to have a child of their own. We have women who are in their late 20s, 30s and still find it challenging having a child. These kids (now parents) still have high school to go through and we all know High school is one of the most challenging stages of a teenager. Is it the society or the parents or both? What do we do to stop kids from having kids? How much of talking and educating them does one have to do to make them understand that having a child is a beautiful thing but they can wait to grow up a couple more years?

I remember once in New York, I was on the train and saw a very young girl with a baby stroller. There was a child in the stroller and she was also at that time pregnant with another child. She had on so much makeup that made her look a little older but her true age group revealed itself when she started having a conversation with her friend who was telling her about something that happened in their school.

I looked at the girl and thought to myself, was this unplanned, or did she know what she was getting into, what happened?

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