Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Free and it's your own choice to get it. Get your FREE Happiness now

Yes indeed! Happiness is free. You have the key, it's your choice to open the door to happiness

You need to take control of your own happiness.

As harsh as it may sound to some, you alone are responsible for your own happiness.
People who love you can do good things to and for you to make you happy but it is your own choice to choose to be happy...Not even your partner is responsible for your own happiness. He or she can love you so much, can do anything for you but if your heart isn't open to receive happiness or be amount of love, or gifts, or good things can make you happy.

  • Be Positive! Some might wonder how possible it is to stay and be positive in the midst of all the negativity that might surround us in the world. Well the answer is, yes you can be positive even in the midst of storms, troubles..negativity! It's all in the mind. Choose to be positive. The strength to be positive comes with time. One of the ways to be positive is to either cut off or give yourself some distance from things and people that are always full of negativity!
  • Stop worrying! When you worry, you might loose focus, you might miss out on the right path or actions to actually take to solve an issue, you might create unnecessary health problems. Worrying never solves any problem, it only intensifies it! 
  • Stop with the excuses! 'I can't make it because... I can't make it because I am too short.....  etc"  If something will make you happy go for it! If you have a passion/dream/goal go for it..stop with the excuses!
  • Stop trying to impress others!  If everything about what you do is to look perfect or impress everyone around you then you won't have anything done that is for you and you'll be a slave to their opinions, critics, complaints..etc. If you always have to act perfect or paint a picture perfect life for others you'll end up crashing. Just be you! As they say 'those who matter don't mind and those who mind, don't matter" 
  • Sow good seeds into your life! A farmer who leaves his land bare, does no planting, cultivating..can't expect to have any fruit or harvest. That said, if you want a better life, you need to put some work into having one. Research. Network. Put the time and work needed.
  • Let go of the past! Holding on to your past makes you a hostage to the past. It will prevent you from moving forward and being happy. If you make a mistake in the past, simply turn it into an experience; a lesson. Holding on to a past hurt or wound only gradually makes you bitter and angry. Let go of the past, live in the present and prepare/plan for the future.
Happiness is a state of mind. It's something you constantly, daily, regularly have to work on. You can't stop on attaining and maintaining your happiness. Life is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, but that doesn't mean you live your life unhappy..Having a bad day?  that's ok if you want to cry it out but after you have shed those tears and let it all out, you need to get up!
If you are unhappy, you need to re-evaluate yourself and start taking responsibility for your own happiness! 
It's no one's responsibility but yours! 

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