Friday, November 1, 2013

Take a few steps back and look again

Imagine there is an object in front of you such as a building, or a car. When you're standing from a far distance, you get a larger view, you see the other objects around the car such as the trees, other buildings around it. You also get to see things on the car itself. If you walk much closer to the car, you get to see less things. If you are standing right in front and very close to the door of the car all you are likely to see is the door. You don't get to see the other parts of the car that makes it a car, you don't get to see the other features around the car such as the trees and other objects.

I want us to apply that to situations, problems, obstacles in our lives. When we find ourselves in a hard or difficult situation, when you are stuck on looking at it so closely, and only from one point, you hardly find a solution to the problem because you don't get to see other things connected to that situation that might be causing it or might be a solution to it.

The closer you are, the less you actually see. Look at the bigger picture. Stand from a distance and look at that obstacle, that problem, that situation and you just might find a link that is causing it or that link that will be the solution to it.

Take a few steps back and look again....You'll get a whole new view. You'll see things you didn't see standing too close. 

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