Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for a job?

Looking for a job?!!
Sent in your resume to so many companies and no positive outcome...yet?

Your last resort does not have to be working at McDonalds (I don't have anything against those who work there, we do need people to provide services there right..)

Don't be discouraged...While you are still looking for that specific job position, try registering with a staffing agency. They help you get temporary assignments which you can get paid to do. They also have some long term positions and if you are lucky, you might work for one of their clients on a short term assignments and they might be so impressed and ask for you again or better still..hire you!

Here are some staffing agencies for you..

Aerotek Staffing Agency


Ultimate Staffing

Roth Staffing

Adams & Garth

Adams and Martin Group

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