Tuesday, October 1, 2013

US Govt..Sorry! We're Closed!


Yes..the US Govt. was unfortunately not able to come to a better agreement yesterday and so...They're Closed!

Sad! First time in 17 years..

Is this going to affect anyone?  yes of course!

Certain federal employees are now furloughed (wondering what this means, well it means that federal employees are going to have a temporary unpaid leave from work). National public places such as the parks, zoos, Museums will be closed. Some government welfare programs will be affected. IRS office will be closed, but if you owe IRS...uhmmm yes you still have to make your payments. Some other government run programs and businesses such as Visa issuing offices..etc will be on hold temporarily.

To get more information of exactly who and what is affected, please check any of these links.
Who WIll Be Furloughed If US Government Shuts Down?

Forbes: Federal Government Begins First Shutdown in 17 Years

To all those greatly affected by this government shutdown, the rest of us are praying for you. We are also praying for ourselves and this great nation!

Our economy was already striving, having this now is not what we need or should have happened.

And these our dear politicians (you Republicans...) will not even bear the pain of this foolishness they have caused for the country!

We are all hoping and praying this situation is solved soon!

Pray for America!!

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