Thursday, October 3, 2013

Men..Her Beauty or Her Personality?

When you ask different men "what attracted you to your partner?". You'll hear different responses. Some will tell you her eyes, some will say her smile, some would say her personality...(so many different answers)

There are some people say they do not want to marry someone who they felt will not produce cute babies for them..and so will not consider a relationship with the lady (Isn't that

But then what exactly first attracts a man? Hmmm

Everyone is different. Every man is different!

Some men would tell you they are a 'boobs' man and some would say they are a 'butt' man and well not always but these features usually attracts them first.

Some men are actually first attracted to a woman's personality. Which of course is what matters the most because as they say, 'beauty eventually fades' (but does it...some women age like fine wine and it just seems like their beauty never fades)

Think about it, what if a woman has smaller breasts but has a good personality or smaller butt but good personality will her physical appearance still matter to him?
Or a big breasts or butt but a bad personality..are there any men out there who would actually say, no I can work on her personality but I need those big...(laughs)

If there is a lady who has one of the most amazing personalities but not as pretty as you might require..would that be a deal breaker for a man. Would he walk away from her and keep looking for a woman who has probably both beauty and the personality?

What exactly matters the most to the men. Her physical appearance or her personality? Beauty or Brains?

We have so many young females today and yes they older ladies too..doing so much to keep up with her physical appearance simply because they want to attract a particular guy. Wouldn't it be unfortunate for them to do all that but the guy(s) they are doing it for pays little or no attention to them especially.

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