Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puskyboe is Instagram Person Of The Week

And the Instragram Person Of The Week (IGPOW) is....(drum roll)

The lovely @puskyboe

Yes! It's puskyboe..and No I am not showing you her entire page, I want you to get on your IG and go check her out!

How would you define your fashion style?
I would say I love to look smart, simple and chic; during the summer time I love bright colors and during the winter I love cool color. But since fashion has no rule, well I see it that way, I decided that I would wear what I feel like all year round. My fashion sense goes in hand with my mood so I dress according to the way I feel.

What's your favorite fashion brand(s) and trend(s)?
I am a bargain shopper I love shopping at Neiman Marcus last call and Nordstrom rack. I really don't have a favorite fashion brand. I wear what I like and feel comfortable in. Favorite fashion trend would be Sherbert & pastels, neon, maxis, birds, statement necklaces and vintage with a chic twist.

Any person's fashion style you admire?
Of course no other person but Kim Kardashian, I just love her dress sense.

I'm going to be nice and show you some of her lovely pics...but don't forget to check out her page for more...

This dress looked even better in person!

Instagram: puskyboe

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