Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 'Tissue Paper' Friendsip

'Tissue paper' friendship!

Tissue papers are typically used to clean residue..remnant...waste..of all forms!
We don't grab the tissue until we need it to clean something and afterwards we get rid of the tissue.

This is quite unfortunate but true and it's just life.. but to some of the people you call friends, unfortunately you might not be a 'friend' to them but rather a 'tissue paper friend". When they need you that's the only time you are called upon. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying if you don't call someone every single day or week or month, then you are not friends.NO! Rather I am saying those people in your life who only want to be associated with you when they need something from you..It could be your social status they need to get the exposure they seek..etc.

You know what I mean...a friend who only uses you, claims you are a friend only when they want something, but when the roles are reversed they are no where to be found.  When the "tissue friend' offends you, you are quick to pardon and forgive and move on but when you offend, you can run several miles and still find no mercy..Yup! You are not the person's friend..just a 'tissue friend'

When you call someone a friend in all its true definition, don't always assume the person calls you a friend in the same might just be a 'tissue friend' in a 'tissue paper' friendship with that person.

Know who your tissue friends are!

Why? Because the things around us, our environment has an effect on us! The people we pull close to ourselves have an effect on us...When you are fully aware of your relationships with the different individuals in your life..especially those very close to you, you know how to deal with situations with them better.

Again! Know who your tissue friends are!

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