Monday, September 16, 2013

Suicidal and just want to give up...

Over the weekend I was listening to a story of a young woman who wanted to end her life because she was tired of life. She was tired of the stress, bills, the economy, the drama in her relationships with the different people in her life, feeling worthless, the bad memories of past events in her life.

Now I know there are many others who have thought of taking their life simply because of one issue or the other.

There's a very common saying "Where there is life, there is hope" As long as you are alive, as long as you are living, you can always find a solution to your problems, situations. The solution might not always be immediately, or as soon as want it to be but sometimes things take quite a while but you can always get it if you persevere.

Inventors never gave up modifying their idea/invention to their satisfaction. All the different equipments, tools, softwares...facebook, emails..etc...They were all from someone having an idea and not giving up to work on it. If any of these people through the many trials/tests/experiments..gave up and killed themselves. Their idea might have just died with them and the world today will not be blessed with their inventions and ideas.

No matter how worthless you may feel, trust me you are worth something to someone! But most importantly you need to feel worthy of yourself! You need to feel proud of yourself!

Bills will always be there! Taxes! The economy will always go up and down! There will be times some people will have no jobs, sometimes some people might not have something to eat today or tomorrow....

Please don't feel I am saying it is easy to go through such tough moments in life but in those tough times, find your strength and don't ever! ever feel like committing suicide simply because it's tough!

For people who are suicidal, please have a support system. Whenever you feel like taking your life, call someone, they might be able to talk you through the anxiety and pain causing you too feel that way. Do you have a favorite show or movie? Watch it! Take a something

But even before you get to the point where you find yourself having such thoughts, you need to work on yourself, work on your self esteem, work on your outlook on life, work on your perception, work on the people around you (surround yourself with good positive people..negative people will only drain you and make you feel worse and feed your suicidal thoughts)

Think about it! What if the day after you take your life is the day some good news that would have changed your life for good comes! Like I said earlier "Where there is life, there is hope"

No matter the situations we find ourselves in! No matter the tormenting memories of past, bad and hurtful events we have to deal with! Where there is life, there is hope! You can work your way through a breakthrough! You can work your way through overcoming the fear/pain/guilt/ hurt from the past!

Take Suicide away from your list of solutions to your problems/issues!

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