Tuesday, September 10, 2013

She's more than just a model...She's Anita Rincón!

Just a model who struts the runway? Just a model who showcases clothes? Not at all!
Anita Rincon is more than that! She is a writer, stylist, designer, entrepreneur and of course..an international model!
She writes for some  major magazines such as Metro International, one of the biggest international magazines and our very own Juicy magazine. Some of her work and sponsors include Rapunzel of Sweden, Coal 'n' Terry Vintage, BikBok and Dry Lake. She has a new collection and online boutique coming out soon (Check out her interview feature coming up soon on lolaosun)

Getting ready for an Ad Campaign

Metro International magazine

Juicy magazine

Finishing college with a degree in international marketing, Anita has built a lusty resume and career for herself and she isn't stopping there...She keeps building.
Her Twitter: iamAnitaRincon
Her website: www.anitarincon.com
Her Instagram: @OfficialAnita


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