Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS7, you like?

Everyone waited for the new iOS..And now it's here.
iOS7 is finally here! for everyone.
Now the question is, was it worth the excitement and wait...for you?
Got some screenshots of some of the new features from my phone..
Double tap the home button and you'll get a screenshot of current/previously used apps. To remove, simply slide the screenshot upwards
Uhmm well our apps have a new look too
before we just has FaceTime and now with the new iOS 7 we now have FaceTime Audio.
It's the BLOCK LIST everyone!
This is one feature many are so happy about! The "block list". LOL! I am sure many people are going to use this feature. If you can't reach someone anymore..well my dear, you just might be placed on their 'block list'

What's your passcode?
Err I don't quite like this new passcode feature. A light comes on whenever you click on the number. Don't you think it will make it easier for people to know your passcode when you are entering now..hmm

Well! There are many other new features and some of the apps have also created new updates to go along with the new iOS7.
To all my fellow apple iphone users..hope you are enjoying the new iOS7 and if you are not..well hopefully it grows on you :)

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