Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Memory of 9/11

Exactly 12 years ago, on this day. There was a major attack in the United States. Two airplanes crashed  into the World Trade Center, causing the entire building to be completely destroyed. Another plane on the same day attacked the Pentagon which is the headquarters of the department of Defense.  And According to various sources, there was a fourth plane which was meant to hit Washington DC but unfortunately crashed somewhere else in Pennsylvania, near Shanks Ville. Over 2,000 people died in the New York attack

It was indeed a sad day and till today a sad memory.

Before rebuilding of the towers commenced, I remember going down there to see the destruction and it was just a big hole that was left.

I just wish we could all stop all these mass destruction of human lives.

May the souls of all those who died 9/11 continue to Rest in Peace.

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