Friday, September 20, 2013

Hey You! Stop bullying..BAD! BAD!!
When kids go to school, it is very typical that the parents anticipate some sort of bullying at the school. On first day of school, some parents might say "if anyone bullies you, let me know" But why should we have to send our kids to schools were they are supposed to learn and grow and expect some sort of bullying. Doesn't it amaze you that kids as young as 5 years bully one another?!!!!
Very Sad!
Today, thanks to the development of technology, we now have people bullying others over the Internet. Lawd have mercy. To think that some people are able to find time in their day to go on the Internet and create a page to bully another or to write wall posts bullying another.
You know it's not just kids that bully! Adults bully other adults and adults can be victims as well. Some teachers bully too!. Even parents can be bullies; bullying their own kids and/or other kids..(sad face)
If one goes to the root of bullying and able to get into the mind of a bully. In most cases, the person bullying the other does so to feel good about themselves. They have other things about themselves that they would so wish no one knows or teases them about, yet to feel good and better they tease and bully others. Some people who are bullies are so, because  they were once bullied and decide they want to do the same to others.
We have had many kids take their lives because of the pain and embarrassment from being bullied.
Young kids should be able to go to school, go to class and be excited about learning, about meeting new friends, about participating in school activities, about school trips...not scared because of a bully
Bullying cannot be reduced to minimal or no bullying at all if everyone does not work together to prevent it! Teachers, Parents, and other individuals! It's a team work!
When I have kids..someday..I will make sure I teach them not to only stand up for themselves but to make sure they themselves do not bully others in any form or way!
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