Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't you dare give up on "You"

Why are you so hard on yourself? You! Yes you!

Follow me (read on) and we'll get somewhere..

Think about some people you know today who are successful in whatever way you define your success.
Now let's go with some popular people ok? You know Tyler Perry right..The very popular actor/producer/screenwriter..etc. Well before he became the person we know  today, did you know he wasn't always this successful. There was a time he had to sleep in his car for shelter..
You know Oprah. She also wasn't always the Oprah we know now. Did  you know she also had her own struggles before she became this successful? There are many other stories of very many famous people.

Now let's come down to people around you. Think about those people close to you, who maybe few years ago or few months ago they were struggling to make ends meet or achieve their goal.

Are you still following me...

You all have goals, You all want to be successful...but before you get there...are you weary and ready to give up? I hope not!

No matter how hard it seems now, no matter how gloomy it appears..Never ever give up!

All the great success stories today (and when I mean great, I mean those with long success, not the one day, one month, one year success....) if you hear their story, you would realize that they themselves went through a stormy time... and mind you, in life whether you become successful now or not, there would always be some rocky day and time but in those times would you give up? Again I hope not!

Some things take time, some things take trying over and over. Some things take trying different routes. Some things take trying later....

One of the most important people in achieving your dream is "YOU" and you can't give up on "YOU" You need to be strong for "YOU" even when no one else is. You need to believe in "YOU" even when no one else does. And most of all you need to learn to love and appreciate "YOU" because when you do all these, you will continue to persevere because you want the best for "YOU"

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  1. After going through this wirte up......I said to myself she's actually referring to me *dammy*. Thank you so much for this and I promise never to give up on me.
    Have come to realize that things can't be smooth forever in life. And if you live in a world where all glitters, one needs to take precautions and be more careful in life.