Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BET 'The Game' Season 6 last episode

First of all can I say...congrats to the cast for getting picked up for a new season; Season 7!

I'm late in talking about this episode, but better late than never right..LOL!

Not so much of a big fan of the show as I was the first few seasons especially with Derwin and Melanie. But I still watch it sometimes and I'm entertained. :)

So let's talk about episode 20, last episode of the season.

Malik! Thank goodness he didn't die but I wonder if he will eventually be able to play football again in season 7 because of his shoulder that has been badly injured.

Kiera and Blue..Hmm I didn't expect that from Kiera. Why would she listen to Jason and what was she thinking. Ugh! Blue is just so cute though.

Tasha! Tasha Mack...that whole conversation with her dad. Well one can see where she gets her attitude from. Only time will tell if this her 'forgiveness tour' will continue into the next season.

Jason and Chardonnay...Jason can be such a jerk sometimes...let me take that back. He can be a jerk so many times!! But he does have his moments. Was nice to see him finally putting his pride away and working on his marriage to his wife (and as he wrote on the napkin his 'black wife'..LOL!)

What shall season 7 bring....

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