Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A moment of silence for Kenya

Ee Mungu nguvu yetu
(O God of all creation)
Ilete Baraka kwetu
(Bless this our land and nation)
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi
(Justice be our shield and defender)
Natukae na undugu
(May we dwell in unity)
Amani na uhuru
(Peace and Liberty)
Raha tupate na ustawi
(Plenty be found within our borders)

First verse of the Kenyan National Anthem- Kiswahili/English

The recent incident that occurred at the Westgate mall in Kenya, is indeed a tragic one.

May the souls of those who died rest in peace...and may Justice be done!

A moment of silence.....
Kindly enlighten yourself  by clicking on these links to read more about it..


Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't you dare give up on "You"

Why are you so hard on yourself? You! Yes you!

Follow me (read on) and we'll get somewhere..

Think about some people you know today who are successful in whatever way you define your success.
Now let's go with some popular people ok? You know Tyler Perry right..The very popular actor/producer/screenwriter..etc. Well before he became the person we know  today, did you know he wasn't always this successful. There was a time he had to sleep in his car for shelter..
You know Oprah. She also wasn't always the Oprah we know now. Did  you know she also had her own struggles before she became this successful? There are many other stories of very many famous people.

Now let's come down to people around you. Think about those people close to you, who maybe few years ago or few months ago they were struggling to make ends meet or achieve their goal.

Are you still following me...

You all have goals, You all want to be successful...but before you get there...are you weary and ready to give up? I hope not!

No matter how hard it seems now, no matter how gloomy it appears..Never ever give up!

All the great success stories today (and when I mean great, I mean those with long success, not the one day, one month, one year success....) if you hear their story, you would realize that they themselves went through a stormy time... and mind you, in life whether you become successful now or not, there would always be some rocky day and time but in those times would you give up? Again I hope not!

Some things take time, some things take trying over and over. Some things take trying different routes. Some things take trying later....

One of the most important people in achieving your dream is "YOU" and you can't give up on "YOU" You need to be strong for "YOU" even when no one else is. You need to believe in "YOU" even when no one else does. And most of all you need to learn to love and appreciate "YOU" because when you do all these, you will continue to persevere because you want the best for "YOU"

"Aint nobody got time for that"

Over the weekend, I watched this video. I know many people have already watched it but this was my first time actually watching the video.... (yea I was very slow to catch on..lol)

It's funny!!

Ain't nobody got time for that! Ain't nobody got time for that

Friday, September 20, 2013

Do you want to grow?

Read your bible, Pray everyday
Pray everyday, Pray everyday
Read your bible, Pray everyday
If you want to grow..
If you want to grow....(continue)

Do you remember ever singing this song as a kid? Well I do.

When you have a course/class, to better understand and grasp the concept and theories you study regularly...

As believers the bible is the word that we should also read regularly. Reading it lets us know His commandments for our lives; it teaches and corrects us.

Romans 15:4 says "Such things were written in the scriptures long ago to teach us. And the scripture gives us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God's promises to be fulfilled"

2 Timothy 3:16 says "All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right"

Psalms 119:105 David said "Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path"

The word of God is powerful. In the beginning when God created the world, He used the word.

Hebrews 4:12 says ''For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow..."

There are so many people who miss quote the  bible but when you read yourself you would know what is true.

Praying to God is a way of communicating with Him, and as our Lord, we should communicate with Him everyday...especially to say Thank You and praise Him!

Even if you are a Muslim, you need to read your Quran regularly...everyday!

Let's sing "Read your bible, pray everyday if you want to grow..."

iOS7, you like?

Everyone waited for the new iOS..And now it's here.
iOS7 is finally here! for everyone.
Now the question is, was it worth the excitement and wait...for you?
Got some screenshots of some of the new features from my phone..
Double tap the home button and you'll get a screenshot of current/previously used apps. To remove, simply slide the screenshot upwards
Uhmm well our apps have a new look too
before we just has FaceTime and now with the new iOS 7 we now have FaceTime Audio.
It's the BLOCK LIST everyone!
This is one feature many are so happy about! The "block list". LOL! I am sure many people are going to use this feature. If you can't reach someone anymore..well my dear, you just might be placed on their 'block list'

What's your passcode?
Err I don't quite like this new passcode feature. A light comes on whenever you click on the number. Don't you think it will make it easier for people to know your passcode when you are entering now..hmm

Well! There are many other new features and some of the apps have also created new updates to go along with the new iOS7.
To all my fellow apple iphone users..hope you are enjoying the new iOS7 and if you are not..well hopefully it grows on you :)

Hey You! Stop bullying..BAD! BAD!!

When kids go to school, it is very typical that the parents anticipate some sort of bullying at the school. On first day of school, some parents might say "if anyone bullies you, let me know" But why should we have to send our kids to schools were they are supposed to learn and grow and expect some sort of bullying. Doesn't it amaze you that kids as young as 5 years bully one another?!!!!
Very Sad!
Today, thanks to the development of technology, we now have people bullying others over the Internet. Lawd have mercy. To think that some people are able to find time in their day to go on the Internet and create a page to bully another or to write wall posts bullying another.
You know it's not just kids that bully! Adults bully other adults and adults can be victims as well. Some teachers bully too!. Even parents can be bullies; bullying their own kids and/or other kids..(sad face)
If one goes to the root of bullying and able to get into the mind of a bully. In most cases, the person bullying the other does so to feel good about themselves. They have other things about themselves that they would so wish no one knows or teases them about, yet to feel good and better they tease and bully others. Some people who are bullies are so, because  they were once bullied and decide they want to do the same to others.
We have had many kids take their lives because of the pain and embarrassment from being bullied.
Young kids should be able to go to school, go to class and be excited about learning, about meeting new friends, about participating in school activities, about school trips...not scared because of a bully
Bullying cannot be reduced to minimal or no bullying at all if everyone does not work together to prevent it! Teachers, Parents, and other individuals! It's a team work!
When I have kids..someday..I will make sure I teach them not to only stand up for themselves but to make sure they themselves do not bully others in any form or way!
For more  information on bullying, please check the following

Monday, September 16, 2013

12 dead...Navy Yard Washington

Another day...Another shooting.

Apparently, a person dressed as in a military officer uniform fired at innocent people today at the Navy Yard in Washington. Unfortunately it has been reported that at least 12 people died from this act!

Obama calls this "a cowardly act" that targeted military and civilians serving their country.

Each day we are alive, we need to be thankful to God. Some people are unfortunately victims of such shootings.

Why should shooting at innocent people, killing people be a means of  getting your voice heard! Your frustration out or whatever it is! WHY!!!!

To read more on this and keep yourself updated please click on these links



Does this picture (above) look familiar to you?!!!!!!

Remember Pandora, iHeart radio and a few other music apps that play our favorite songs, popular and current songs that we all jam to while we at work, on that treadmill, in the car..
Well! Wel!! If you love yourself some African jams from artists like Davido, P-Square, Omawunmi etc If you would like to hear some popular and current African songs anywhere and everywhere then make sure you download the gidilounge app.

It's Gidilounge babe!
You can download the app on Android and iOS...download yours now and enjoy gidilounge

Suicidal and just want to give up...

Over the weekend I was listening to a story of a young woman who wanted to end her life because she was tired of life. She was tired of the stress, bills, the economy, the drama in her relationships with the different people in her life, feeling worthless, the bad memories of past events in her life.

Now I know there are many others who have thought of taking their life simply because of one issue or the other.

There's a very common saying "Where there is life, there is hope" As long as you are alive, as long as you are living, you can always find a solution to your problems, situations. The solution might not always be immediately, or as soon as want it to be but sometimes things take quite a while but you can always get it if you persevere.

Inventors never gave up modifying their idea/invention to their satisfaction. All the different equipments, tools, softwares...facebook, emails..etc...They were all from someone having an idea and not giving up to work on it. If any of these people through the many trials/tests/experiments..gave up and killed themselves. Their idea might have just died with them and the world today will not be blessed with their inventions and ideas.

No matter how worthless you may feel, trust me you are worth something to someone! But most importantly you need to feel worthy of yourself! You need to feel proud of yourself!

Bills will always be there! Taxes! The economy will always go up and down! There will be times some people will have no jobs, sometimes some people might not have something to eat today or tomorrow....

Please don't feel I am saying it is easy to go through such tough moments in life but in those tough times, find your strength and don't ever! ever feel like committing suicide simply because it's tough!

For people who are suicidal, please have a support system. Whenever you feel like taking your life, call someone, they might be able to talk you through the anxiety and pain causing you too feel that way. Do you have a favorite show or movie? Watch it! Take a walk..do something

But even before you get to the point where you find yourself having such thoughts, you need to work on yourself, work on your self esteem, work on your outlook on life, work on your perception, work on the people around you (surround yourself with good positive people..negative people will only drain you and make you feel worse and feed your suicidal thoughts)

Think about it! What if the day after you take your life is the day some good news that would have changed your life for good comes! Like I said earlier "Where there is life, there is hope"

No matter the situations we find ourselves in! No matter the tormenting memories of past, bad and hurtful events we have to deal with! Where there is life, there is hope! You can work your way through a breakthrough! You can work your way through overcoming the fear/pain/guilt/ hurt from the past!

Take Suicide away from your list of solutions to your problems/issues!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 'Tissue Paper' Friendsip

'Tissue paper' friendship!

Tissue papers are typically used to clean residue..remnant...waste..of all forms!
We don't grab the tissue until we need it to clean something and afterwards we get rid of the tissue.

This is quite unfortunate but true and it's just life.. but to some of the people you call friends, unfortunately you might not be a 'friend' to them but rather a 'tissue paper friend". When they need you that's the only time you are called upon. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying if you don't call someone every single day or week or month, then you are not friends.NO! Rather I am saying those people in your life who only want to be associated with you when they need something from you..It could be your social status they need to get the exposure they seek..etc.

You know what I mean...a friend who only uses you, claims you are a friend only when they want something, but when the roles are reversed they are no where to be found.  When the "tissue friend' offends you, you are quick to pardon and forgive and move on but when you offend, you can run several miles and still find no mercy..Yup! You are not the person's friend..just a 'tissue friend'

When you call someone a friend in all its true definition, don't always assume the person calls you a friend in the same way...you might just be a 'tissue friend' in a 'tissue paper' friendship with that person.

Know who your tissue friends are!

Why? Because the things around us, our environment has an effect on us! The people we pull close to ourselves have an effect on us...When you are fully aware of your relationships with the different individuals in your life..especially those very close to you, you know how to deal with situations with them better.

Again! Know who your tissue friends are!

A fake baby bump to smuggle in cocaine!

Today on my way to work, checked the news and one of the headlines for today was the story of a woman who tried to smuggle in about 2 kilos of cocaine.
According to daily news (nydailynews.com), Tabitha Leah Ritchie, a 28 year old woman from Toronto used a fake baby bump was caught during inspection when she was about to board a flight in Bogota.

Click on link to read more and watch the video

It's quite funny! and also interesting how they would have suspected a women who is supposedly pregnant to be carrying a fake bump with cocaine.

So when I see a pregnant woman around, do I have to wonder "Is that bump real or fake" LOL!

The things people do to make money. The economy is bad, yes we know that BUT let's try to make money in a decent way. Doing something illegal and then going to jail for a couple of years is not worth it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Memory of 9/11

Exactly 12 years ago, on this day. There was a major attack in the United States. Two airplanes crashed  into the World Trade Center, causing the entire building to be completely destroyed. Another plane on the same day attacked the Pentagon which is the headquarters of the department of Defense.  And According to various sources, there was a fourth plane which was meant to hit Washington DC but unfortunately crashed somewhere else in Pennsylvania, near Shanks Ville. Over 2,000 people died in the New York attack

It was indeed a sad day and till today a sad memory.

Before rebuilding of the towers commenced, I remember going down there to see the destruction and it was just a big hole that was left.

I just wish we could all stop all these mass destruction of human lives.

May the souls of all those who died 9/11 continue to Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interview with Anita Rincon..

Anita Rincon

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an international fashion and entertainment personality originally from Finland; a small country in Northern Europe. I write about fashion, beauty and entertainment for some of the largest international newspapers, magazines and websites. Here in the US, you might have seen my work in Juicy Magazine. Apart from writing, I am also a designer, model, host and entrepreneur.

    What led you to decide this career for yourself?
    I've always found the fashion industry appealing. It's been close to my heart from a young age. I started modeling in South America at the age of 17. That definitely opened a lot of doors for me to continue developing my career in fashion and motivated me to do more.
    There are many misconceptions of models; what they do to stay super skinny, their eating habits, eating disorders, obsessive exercise...etc. What is your opinion regarding such misconceptions?
    Most of what you mentioned is true. There's no way for most models to stay as skinny as they are eating like a regular person. Models have a very strict diet - no fried food, no carbs, no sodas. Lots of salads, fruits, vegetables and water. I started modeling in Argentina where the ideal body type is different: they wouldn't find super skinny models attractive at all. They're all about having feminine curves. It’s so different in Europe and North America when it comes to that aspect. However, I've met some models with fast metabolism who can eat junk food every now and then. I personally am not the type to be able to eat anything and still stay slim. I despise going to the gym but I have to do it!
    Many young girls look at models and begin to have low self esteem wishing they could be that skinny, or that pretty or have that glamorous life. Is the life of a model indeed glamorous? And what are the up and down sides for you as an international model?
    I come from a family of models; my  mom and aunts from both sides of the family were models. My mom's sister was Finland's very first supermodel in the 70s; she was published in all major fashion magazines including French Vogue back in the day. I grew up seeing all these models so I never really had any misconceptions of what the reality of modeling was. It's a very touchy career choice in an extremely competitive environment. It's nice to get published and be able to see your work, but the reality is often far from glamorous. I once had to do a 5-hour swimwear shoot in ice cold water while I had a high fever. You wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures - models have to look the way they are told, no matter what the circumstances are.
    Favorite models (both male and female) in the modeling industry?
    I love Gisele Bundchen, Izabel Goulart, Naomi Campbell and Sean O’Pry to name a few. I like models with an exotic look. Nowadays it’s fortunately considered a good thing to have a look that stands out.
    One amazing thing most people don’t know about you?
    I have an exceptionally strong work ethic – if there is something I want to achieve, I will put all my time and energy in it. I have a very extreme personality, I can be either 100% motivated and focused or completely uninterested. There’s no gray area with me. I don’t believe in doing things half-heartily.
    You have new projects and product(s) you will launch soon, can you tell us a little bit about them? And how can anyone interested get your product(s)?
    Yes! I’m working on two super exciting projects right now; my own luxury swimwear boutique Vocês Swim and “Lashes by Anita Rincón” signature lash collection for a new mink lash brand Luz Lashes. Both will be available worldwide online in October.
    Vocês  Swim is a Brazil - inspired luxury swimwear boutique that will be launched online within a couple of weeks from now. I like to say that the collection is a reflection of me - a mixture of cultures. I've lived  in Finland, Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the US. The first collection is all about sexy cuts, bright colors and flattering designs. Celebrities like Trina and Rosa Acosta have already expressed an interest in Voces Swim even though it's not out yet which means a lot to me!
    My lash collection is another thing that I’m beyond excited about! I’ve partnered up with the fabulous mink lash brand Luz Lashes. Their lashes are made of luxurious mink, which makes them amazingly lightweight and long-lasting. I’m still using the same lashes I got in June – you can actually wear them up to 25 times.  I’ve also gotten amazing feedback from my makeup artist and beauty expert friends around the world. They’re as excited as I am for the lash collection to come out!
    At a young age you've accomplished quite a lot in your modeling career. What's the best advice you've received and what advice do you have for aspiring models?
    Thank You! Modeling can be challenging because a lot of times you're seen as an object. You will need to be able to take criticism. It definitely took me a while to learn not to take it personally. No matter how gorgeous  you are, your looks will not please everybody. Look at Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss for instance, they were both initially told that they would never make it in the industry. There's modeling options for everyone - if you don't meet the requirements to be a traditional runway model, your options may be to do ads or commercials.

     Twitter: iamAnitaRincon
    Instagram: officialAnita

BET 'The Game' Season 6 last episode

First of all can I say...congrats to the cast for getting picked up for a new season; Season 7!

I'm late in talking about this episode, but better late than never right..LOL!

Not so much of a big fan of the show as I was the first few seasons especially with Derwin and Melanie. But I still watch it sometimes and I'm entertained. :)

So let's talk about episode 20, last episode of the season.

Malik! Thank goodness he didn't die but I wonder if he will eventually be able to play football again in season 7 because of his shoulder that has been badly injured.

Kiera and Blue..Hmm I didn't expect that from Kiera. Why would she listen to Jason and what was she thinking. Ugh! Blue is just so cute though.

Tasha! Tasha Mack...that whole conversation with her dad. Well one can see where she gets her attitude from. Only time will tell if this her 'forgiveness tour' will continue into the next season.

Jason and Chardonnay...Jason can be such a jerk sometimes...let me take that back. He can be a jerk so many times!! But he does have his moments. Was nice to see him finally putting his pride away and working on his marriage to his wife (and as he wrote on the napkin his 'black wife'..LOL!)

What shall season 7 bring....

She's more than just a model...She's Anita Rincón!

Just a model who struts the runway? Just a model who showcases clothes? Not at all!
Anita Rincon is more than that! She is a writer, stylist, designer, entrepreneur and of course..an international model!
She writes for some  major magazines such as Metro International, one of the biggest international magazines and our very own Juicy magazine. Some of her work and sponsors include Rapunzel of Sweden, Coal 'n' Terry Vintage, BikBok and Dry Lake. She has a new collection and online boutique coming out soon (Check out her interview feature coming up soon on lolaosun)

Getting ready for an Ad Campaign

Metro International magazine

Juicy magazine

Finishing college with a degree in international marketing, Anita has built a lusty resume and career for herself and she isn't stopping there...She keeps building.
Her Twitter: iamAnitaRincon
Her website: www.anitarincon.com
Her Instagram: @OfficialAnita