Friday, January 18, 2013

Interview with Ebuka Unogu 'Teeklef'..young, hardworking and dedicated to his music

 He is young, hardworking and dedicated to his music. Some know him as Ebuka and some know him as Teeklef.

Tell us a bit about yourself…Who is Ebuka Unogu?

A life loving and appreciative human.

Every artist has a story of how they started, their journey from then to where they are today. What is your story so far?

Basically believing in myself and my abilities even though the situations I faced at the time didn't agree with my beliefs. You can listen to my story on my mix tape - #NOBIS. Track 17.

What artists have influenced you?

Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, Ne-Yo, Enya, Drake to mention a few

Your stage name is Teeklef, how did that come about?

I came across an unusual music piece and decided to take the name after the Treble Clef symbol. The notes prior to the symbol are legacies artistes before me left and then there's me. The notes after the symbol will be legacies I left for other artistes to follow.

Your recent album is titled NOBIS with 17 tracks, why the name NOBIS? And what was your inspiration for this album?

Although a lot of people have compared that project to an album, I didn't mean for it to be that. lol. I guess that's a good thing huh?

Speaking about the inspiration behind the tape, the aim was to be as diverse as possible. Showcase all my talent(s) musically in the best way possible. NOBIS simply means No Beat Is Safe.

Besides the songs on your recent album, you have released a few other songs and you have released a video to the song “Hala”. What do you have to say about these accomplishments you have made so far? And where and how can people listen to and buy any of your singles and album?

I've only been in the game for 2 years and to watch the demand for my "products" grow is something that humbles me every time. I put out "On a C-Rius Note" (EP) two years ago. Hala was one of the singles from the tape and based on the fact that I had appealed to a more African audience at the time, it was only right that I shot a video for that song.

You can listen to my songs via my website:

I also have a few singles for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, Google play to mention a few.

What was the last song you downloaded on itunes? And if you could choose one artist to work with on a single, who would it be and why?

Honestly, I don't download music from iTunes. I prefer to buy physical CD's and rip them into my library. The only album I've ever downloaded was the soundtrack to the motion picture "Blood Diamonds." This was because I couldn't find the hard copy CD anywhere else. lol

Tell us a bit about the “NO BEAT IS SAFE TOUR”?

After working on the project, my team and I decided to put a few shows together in different cities in the states and call it a tour and what better name to call it than your newly released mix tape?

Any projects you are working on that we should look out for?

I've been executive producing a few albums for some of my industry friends and also knocking out collabos I didn't have the time to get to while I was working on NOBIS. I'm shooting some visuals off of the mix tape and I should resume work on my next project come January; or sooner.

Lastly, from the time you started till now, you have done quite well for yourself. I know you still have more you wish to accomplish. What is your goal for Tklef records and for career as an artist?

Being in a position where I can basically do what I want musically, be it singing, rapping, producing, songwriting to mention a few, I'm looking to put together a team of "musicians like me" and we'd work behind the scenes creating records for industry acts to help them further their careers. As an artiste, I just want to represent my life stories the best way possible (musically) with hopes that it'll inspire someone. It's Klef Records by the way..


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