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Prissyville is Instagram Person Of The Week

Her Instagram profile. Don't forget to check out her page...

How would you describe your fashion style?
I would describe my fashion style as eclectic. I love experimenting with different looks and dislike 'boring' clothing. I love color and vibrant prints, hence my love for African print clothing

What's your favorite fashion brand(s) and trend(s)?
 I honestly don’t have a favorite fashion brand, because I buy from different brands but I tend to order a lot of my clothes from www.asos.com, and they carry different brands as well. At the moment I  am loving the knee length full skirt trend, plaid (tartan) trend and the black and white trend.

Any person's fashion style you admire?
 Just to mention a few, I admire the style of Folake Kuye Huntoon, the blogger behind the blog “stylepantry” and
Heidi De Carvalho the blogger behind “styleismything” 

Almost Over, Time to Reflect

2013 will be over in 13 hours 24 mins...

It's Time to reflect on the year...What and Who made the good happy moments in 2013 for you? What are the highlights of the year? What did you wish you did this year?

A new year is coming in less than a day...

Make the most of it.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions because we make them first day of the new year and in less than two weeks into the new year, we forget about it/them. Instead I'd say make a list of what you would wish to accomplish this new year and gradually work your way in getting each task crossed off as done.. Simply make the decision to do something this new year and work towards it.

This time next year, what would you like to say you have achieved? Where would you like to be in certain areas of your life...This moment, decide what that is and beginning from 1st Jan, 2014...start working towards it!

Want 2014 to be better than 2013...then you got work to do!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

You Ready? The Ball Drops Tonight! 2014!!!

Every year thousands of people go to Times Square to witness the New Year's Eve Ball Drop...and for those who unfortunately can't make it to Times Square or would rather be sitting on the couch...you can watch it on TV.. the Ball Drop will be aired Live!

Ever Wondered how this tradition started? Here's a brief History for you.. Brief History of the New Year's Eve Ball Drop

Watch: Google Zeitgeist 2013

Google has compiled highlights of 2013. 

Top 100 Searches of 2013

Just Click now..and watch..  Google Zeitgeist 2013

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Patrice shares her success story..Independent Distributor with It Works! Global

Independent Distributor with It Works! Global

From financial instability and being an employee...She is now an employer, pays herself, writes her own checks and owns her time.  At age 25 she is preparing to buy her first home herself!  Now as an Independent Distributor with It Works Global, she has a story to tell and the ropes to share, so you too can make your dreams come true! From celebrities, to working moms, to teenagers, to the everyday individual, the 'It Works' body wraps have been used to tighten, tone and firm the body and indeed WORK!

·         A brief info about yourself?
      My  name is Trice, I am 25 years old. I started my business a year ago. November 2012. My background is actually in psychology so I went to get my masters in psychology. So this is new and definitely different for me and very rewarding.  I’m a Independent Distributor with It Works! Global, and my goal with TriceyTrims specifically is to provide superior consulting to both my clients and my business partners. I offer all natural toning, weight loss, skin care and wellness products and allow for my customers to have access to these products at wholesale prices. I am also a success coach for my business partners who are a looking to create a supplemental income - I  went from struggling financially to an average $10k monthly salary in just 5 months, so my full time goal now is to help others do the same.

·         How did TriceyTrims become a reality?
It actually came about inadvertently. I went to a wrap party about one year ago and tried the Ultimate Body Applicator for the first time. I got really good results and I was excited to see that everyone at the party got great results too! At that time, I had over 120K student loan debt, so financially I was struggling and really needed to bring in extra income. I just quit my part time job a few days before attending the party because I realized it was too much stress trying to work two jobs. After seeing the cash profit the distributor earned at the party and learning about the income potential this business had, I decided to give It Works! a try with the hope of earning a couple extra hundred dollars a month. I didn’t really have goals of making it big but as I saw how easy it was to build my business, my business grew bigger than I originally planned! I was able to earn the $10k GOOD bonus in February, earn my Triple Diamond ranking as of April, and make enough money to retire from my state government job in June. Since then, I’ve been dedicating my time to helping my clients and my business partners reach their goals!

·         On your social media pages and your website, you state, you have a story and this (TriceyTrims) has changed your life. What exactly is your story and how has this changed your life?   
      Not only has this business allowed me to be my own boss, but it has also allowed for me to eliminate my personal loan debt and own my time. I make my own schedule, I write my own checks, and I now have the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I’m able to change the lives of others, as I’ve been able to help over 14 distributors earn their $10K GOOD bonus as well as 7 of them retire from their jobs as well to live life on their own terms! And I have HUNDREDS of other distributors who have been able to pay off debt, purchase new cars, take more vacations, and overall lead an easier, more fulfilling life all through helping others reach their health and wellness goals. I’ve also been blessed with amazing clients who have been able to use my products to achieve the body they’ve been working so hard towards but just needed help! I’ve had clients who have been able to lose over 50 pounds so far with our products, and help with a variety of goals from stretch marks to pain relief. Its’ been amazing!

·         You are also a Triple Diamond Leader and a success coach, what exactly is Triple Diamond and how is your experience so far as a Success Coach?
Triple diamond is actually the first ranking in our company that allows you to be of VIP status. It means I have reached the point that allows me to make an average of ten thousand dollars a month. Being a success coach is amazing because I come from a psychology background, so I always envisioned myself being either a mentor, a success coach or a life coach. My experience so far has been amazing because not only am I able to help develop my team physically and economically but we are able to impact their lives and children’s lives because they are now able to add a second income to their household and pay off debts. It’s awesome to be able to show them the ropes of the business, which is a very simple business to run, and teach them the three steps to success that allows them earn as much money as they would like to earn. 

·         Any advice you have for others, especially those who are hoping for one major breakout to change their lives positively as TriceyTrim has changed yours?
Absolutely! It’s really about being able to take a chance before you’re ready. When I started by business I felt like everything was going on; my bills were due, I had to get groceries. It was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time. But the number one measure for success I think is being willing to start something even before you are ready, being willing to learn on the fly, and being willing to roll with the punches. We’re looking to help other individuals who are looking to maybe make a couple extra dollars, or looking for even something larger and make a significant different in their health and their finances. 

·         How can anyone interested in the wrap get one?
 If you are interested in trying a wrap, let me know. I’m available through text and phone or email. Email: letstalkwraps@gmail.com  Phone: 443-832-3787 Website: www.triceytrims.com

·         Any projects coming up?
We have some exciting new projects coming up for the new year so stay tuned!

For before and after pictures of various people that have used the It Works body wraps, check out the instagram page: @MISSTRICEYWRAPS
    It Sure Works!

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Instagram Person Of The Week is jayhover21

Go check his page on IG for more.

How would you define your fashion style?
Gentle and Classy

What's your favorite fashion brand(s) and trend(s)?
I don't really have one, I just love anything decent and classy

Any person's fashion style you admire?
Mr Bentley

Deitrick Haddon, Marvin Sapp and Lara George....Join in the praise!

In everything..praise Him
In the good times...praise Him
In the storm ...praise Him

Thank Him by Deitrick Haddon
You really ought to thank Him
Thank Him for what's He's done
For Your love and kindness, I'll say "thank you Lord"
For Your tender mercy, I've got to praise You, Lord
(Oh) You died for me.
(Oh) You set my soul free.

Praise Him in advance by Marvin Sapp
I've had my share of ups and downs
Time when there was no one around
God came and spoke these words to me
Praise will confuse the enemy
Praise Him, Praise Him
Praise Him, Praise Him
Praise Him, Praise Him
Praise Him in advance

Dansaki by Lara George
I'm acknowledging you for who you are
For what you've done
In my life
Oh I'm acknowledging you for who you are
Dansaki re
Dansaki re baba

"Let everything that has breath praise ye the Lord.."

Spirit of Offense...Get rid of it!

Nobody likes to be offended, it can make you angry, disappointed, betrayed and when not taken care of, it can lead to other damaging results.

One of the truths of life is that offense will always come at some point. There's always going to be something, someone that might offend you. Everyone is different, with different opinions, ideas, methods, beliefs, strategies...Our differences plays a role in the way we approach things which to others might be offensive. 

Luke 17:1-4 tells us that  '".It is impossible but that offences will come.." It also tells us 'Take heed to yourselves: If they brother trespasses against thee, rebuke him and if he repent, forgive him. And if he trespasses against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him"

Offense is nothing new, its been happening among people for ages, even before Christ.

Holding on to an offense can make you loose your blessings and even worse, it can make you loose your place in heaven. Matthew 6:14-15 "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses"

Holding on to an offense can make you take revenge and commit a crime or take an action that you are likely to regret later. Look at the story of Absalom, Annon and Tamar in 2 Samuel 13.  Absalom and Annon were brothers. Tamar was Absalom's beautiful daughter. Annon committed an offense against his brother by sleeping with Tamar. His offense was not only against his brother but against Tamar. Absalom was very offended and what Annon, his brother did is by no means acceptable, but Absalom held on to this offense for 2 years. Two years later, he plotted to have his own brother killed. 

There are many different big or small things that can make anyone offended. A person might be offended because someone didn't pass the food to you like the did to the others. Someone forgot to give you your own invitation. Someone didn't ask for your opinion but asked for the opinion of another. Someone did not like the dress you wore yesterday and maybe made a comment about it..so many things!

It is normal to feel offended; You are human! but as individuals we need to find ways to stop holding on to an offense. We can also make ourselves gradually be less affected or negatively moved by little offenses such as someone forgetting to give you something or do something.

As earlier said, holding on to an offense can make you loose your blessings! It can also make you miss heaven! 
No one! Again I repeat No one! is worth you loosing your blessings and most especially worth you loosing your place in Heaven!



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for a job?

Looking for a job?!!
Sent in your resume to so many companies and no positive outcome...yet?

Your last resort does not have to be working at McDonalds (I don't have anything against those who work there, we do need people to provide services there right..)

Don't be discouraged...While you are still looking for that specific job position, try registering with a staffing agency. They help you get temporary assignments which you can get paid to do. They also have some long term positions and if you are lucky, you might work for one of their clients on a short term assignments and they might be so impressed and ask for you again or better still..hire you!

Here are some staffing agencies for you..

Aerotek Staffing Agency


Ultimate Staffing

Roth Staffing

Adams & Garth

Adams and Martin Group

Get Grants & Scholarship here..for College!

Knowledge -  Action = No Power
Knowledge + Action = Power

Getting an education is a great Key and it's not cheap but there's a way for you to get this key. You just need to do the work..Research, Fill out forms...be proactive!

Get some financial supports to get that power; that education! Support that won't break your back after college (those student loans you pay back after college) 
Begin your search for grants to help you go back to school and/or stay in school

The Classesusa  You can get up to at least $5,500 grant per year if you qualify

The College Grant Database for Pell Grant and some Federal Grants.

The Federal Pell Grant You do not have to repay this after college.

The Free Fafsa Application  Fill out your application now!

The HOPE scholarship program with a 3.0 average GPA and a few other requirements.

The Latino Student Fund for you, if  you live in the Washington DC , Virginia or Maryland and  you are of Latino or Hispanic descent.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation you can get up to $30,000 per year.

The Elks National Foundation  you can get from $1,000 to $12,000 scholarship a year

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NICK ARRINGTON - His style? Simply not your average....A man of exquisite taste!

#TailoredTuesdays sounds familiar?

Tell us a a bit about yourself

My name is Nick Arrington. I am from Woodbridge, Virginia. Woodbridge is a growing city in the Washington, D.C. Area. I am one of four children raised by a single mother, Mother Arrington. My love for fashion started here; when my Mother went out shopping she had no other choice but to bring her kids along with her. Appearance was very important in the Arrington household. She used to tell us, ‘if you go outside looking any kind of way, people are going to treat you any kind of way’. My love for fashion continued on throughout the years and ended up being voted ‘Best Dressed’ of my senior class in high school. Back then my wardrobe was pretty much based around sneakers….today…I have more than a love affair with the staple every man should wear, a suit.

 A degree in Sales and Marketing and another degree in Business Administration, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase as well as an inclination for exquisite fashion and involvement in certain fashion aspects such as styling, modeling. Most people will assume a person with such passion for tasteful fashion styles and involvement will have studied in some fashion school. How do you explain all these in your lustrous resume? and what motivates you?

Wow, I guess you may be right! I did not study at a traditional fashion school. I always wanted to go to an HBCU. After growing up watching shows like ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘A Different World’, albeit fiction it painted a pretty good picture of how college would be. My older brother went on to an HBCU and after speaking to him and his friends, I knew that was the path I wanted to take. Then going down to homecoming at North Carolina A&T and up at Howard University as a teenager set it completely in stone. I played baseball my entire life and it afforded my college education. I was on academic/athletic scholarship to the one and only Tuskegee University! Best decision of my life. Educationally, I always wanted to work in marketing/business in some aspect. The pie in the sky was Nike. You never know what the world has in store for you and I landed a gig on Wall Street at JPMorgan. In between there and Barclays I had to pick up work, freelancing, it’s the New York way…I found myself a gig as an assistant stylist doing table top shoots for Ralph Lauren.com. Today, I am still working in marketing, in London with Barclays. In my spare time I style and model. I am currently in a bridal magazine (Munaluchi Bridal Magazine) on shelves. This shoot I styled and modeled in. In a nutshell, I guess you can say I am a Renaissance Man.

 Can you briefly tell us about Imparali custom Tailors and privileged NY?

Imparali Custom Tailors is a tailoring shop based in Texas and New York. It’s a family shop ran by Matt Harpalani. I met Matt when I first moved to New York and needed some work done. After 4 years of being a customer, I came on board as a style contributor. I write and star in video style blogs on his website. Not to mention I am a walking advertisement. When anyone asks me who tailors my clothes I send them to Matt over at Imparali. I will tell you a quick story, a gentleman ran into me at breakfast one morning and asked me about my suit…the next day he was at our Imparali showroom and he walks in, ‘Are you Matt? I want my suit to look like your client, Nick Arrington’s. He told me to tell you he sent me’. True story, Matt can validate it. Ha! Privileged New York is a lifestyle brand I started with my best friend. We have a love for sneakers and finally found a way to monetize our addiction. We have begun hunting sneakers for celebrities, professional athletes and other clients. Over the years we have acquired contacts in the sneaker industry after working in Footlocker, Athlete’s Foot through high school and seasonally through college. We also co-sponsor sneaker conventions where hundreds of people come to buy, sell and trade sneakers. The underground sneaker culture is fun, profitable and most importantly global. These are my passion projects outside of my everyday career. If you have not seen the show ‘How to Make it in America’ watch it…that pretty much explains my life style. It has been cancelled, so you can catch it on DVD, online or something.

 When someone looks the way you combine patterns and colors, one can see that it is not like that of the average man. What was your style growing up and how would you describe your style now?

I kind of touched on this earlier, but my style when I was younger was very much revolved around my sneakers. When we are young we are very impressionable; I think my style was a combination of what I saw on television, my geographical location, older ‘cool kids’, basically my environment. You could typically find me in a pair of Jordans, Timberland boots, Nikes, Addidas, didn’t matter. It got so bad I would have to sneak shoes into my Mother’s house or hide them at a friend’s. The crux of the whole thing…the shoes had to be spotless. We actually had a crew who was known around school as being very well dressed. The yearbook archives can prove this…we all won ‘Best Dressed’ our graduating years. Let’s just say back then, I didn’t have a tailor nor a relationship with one. Ha! My style is completely different. Still addicted to sneakers but I have added monk straps, wingtips, dress boots, suits, sports jackets, tweeds and the like. So I think my style has evolved from trendy…to timeless.

Saw you in some colored suits like light blue, pink. Not many men can pull that off but you did! If someone came to you to style them or give them some fashion tips what's the first thing you would do to help the person look 'dapper' and probably pull off such trends/styles like you do?

Funny you should ask! I receive random emails, Facebook messages or texts from people that have obtained my information through someone else. Anyway, I think when I am styling someone or giving advice I first ask them what exactly is they need the look for. After we have that I ask them who they want to look like, ideally a public figure or a celebrity. It’s very flattering when they reference one of my looks. We just build from there….I don’t push my personal style on them. For example, someone called me and they needed to figure out what to wear to a wedding. I posed a couple of questions, is it black tie? Summer? Indoors/out? Once we figure out the lay of the land we put together the look. This consists of a lot of back and forth via text or email until we get the final product. I wouldn’t expect many people to pull a pink blazer out of their closet…you get to colors like that after you have built up a solid rotation of the staples. I don’t even wear that jacket often…maybe twice.

 You have the trending hash tag "TailoredTuesdays" what made you come up with that? And if you could make any particular fashion trend disappear, what trend would it be?

Believe it or not, I created that hash tag in the shower on a random morning! I take pride in my appearance and really enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I figured I would post the photos to Instagram. You don’t judge someone’s fashion sense in conversation…it’s all about how it looks! Right? I will leave you with a personal quote that I think will one day be famous, ‘style or fashion is the purest reflection of ourselves without having to say a single word’. I will have to pay respect to the great Yves Saint Laurent who said it best, ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’. All and all, I started #tailoredtuesdays to share my style with the world and those who care to follow. Maybe in the end I will inspire someone. Who knows for now, it’s just cool. Facebook started out because it was ‘cool’ so we’ll see where this goes.

You seem like a guy who is very likable, sociable and as some would say ' a people's person'. It is no wonder big companies such as Barclays have you as their corporate hospitality analyst. What other positive attribute(s) do you have that we all don't know and would like to share?

I think the one thing about me that people wouldn’t know by the outside looking in…is that I have a big heart. If I call you my friend I will do anything and everything for you…I know I made it this far in life because people took an interest in me and helped me along the way. We have to pay it forward…I attribute a lot of my success from paying it forward. I’ve been told that I look intimidating…that is hilarious because once you give me a simple ‘hello’ I won’t stop talking to you!

You are from Virginia but live in the UK, why the move?

My path doesn’t have geographical barriers its 2013 and 2014 is around the corner. Started in Virginia, studied in Alabama, landed in New York City and now I am across the pond in London…who knows where the next stop is. I move around because that is the only way to stay relevant and knowledgeable in today’s society. I do have to give some credit to my good friend Kenji Summers (@kenjisummers @passportlife). He is a world traveler and encourages people to obtain a passport and see as much of the world as they can starting at a young age through his Passport Life initiative. You should definitely check him out! He was one of my inspirations to getting out of my New York/USA comfort zone. I have my eyes on Singapore next!

Connect with Nick
Instagram: @nickarrington1
Twitter: @nickarrington1
Style enquiries: nickarrington1@gmail.com
Coming Soon! www.NickArrington.com

How You Can Help Victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines!

The Typhoon Haiyan is a great storm that has unfortunately caused great destruction to many in the Philippines!

Pictures of the destruction shown on different sites like CNN, NBC..etc are very sad and devastating.


Here are some ways you can help from right here in the US..


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Karen_All is Instagram person of the week IGPOW

Check out her page now for more!

How would you describe your fashion style?

I will describe my style as classic, elegant, regal and timeless but at the same time modern and fresh. My overall look is sophisticated, polished and chic.

I believe it's important for a woman to know her body and what looks best on her. I don't dress to follow trends; I dress to accentuate my positives.

One of my mottos in life is that a girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous at all times. I believe it's important to create your own visual style and let it be unique and identifiable to others. I always stay true to myself and my style. I don't let trends or what's hot right now influence or take away from my personal style.

What's your favorite fashion brand(s) and trend(s)

I'm always on the hunt for something FAB to incorporate in my closet. My absolute favorite brands are AQ/AQ (Aqua couture) and BCBG. I also get a lot of my dresses custom made and love to design. My favorite trends at the moment will have to be leather, lace, leopard and full skirts because they are also classics and never go out of style.

Any person's fashion style you admire?

My biggest inspiration when it comes to my style is my mother. She was a seamstress by trade in Ghana. She designed and made all my dresses growing up. She is a woman of grace, class and effortless beauty. One of my most important things she taught me when it comes to fashion is that it does not mater how much you spend on an outfit but how you put it together. She always said the way you put pieces together is what differentiates your style from others. Her philosophy is what inspires me and influences my style.

Instagram: Karen_all

Friday, November 1, 2013

Take a few steps back and look again

Imagine there is an object in front of you such as a building, or a car. When you're standing from a far distance, you get a larger view, you see the other objects around the car such as the trees, other buildings around it. You also get to see things on the car itself. If you walk much closer to the car, you get to see less things. If you are standing right in front and very close to the door of the car all you are likely to see is the door. You don't get to see the other parts of the car that makes it a car, you don't get to see the other features around the car such as the trees and other objects.

I want us to apply that to situations, problems, obstacles in our lives. When we find ourselves in a hard or difficult situation, when you are stuck on looking at it so closely, and only from one point, you hardly find a solution to the problem because you don't get to see other things connected to that situation that might be causing it or might be a solution to it.

The closer you are, the less you actually see. Look at the bigger picture. Stand from a distance and look at that obstacle, that problem, that situation and you just might find a link that is causing it or that link that will be the solution to it.

Take a few steps back and look again....You'll get a whole new view. You'll see things you didn't see standing too close. 

Ema_D_Diva is Instagram person of the week..IGPOW

Instagram profile..Want to see more? Go check her out now on Instagram!

How do you define your fashion style

My fashion style is simple, sexy, yet classy. I love to incorporate colors and it shows in my everyday outfits. I believe in having fun with fashion.

What's your favorite fashion brand(s) and trend(s)

I love to look good on a budget, so I mainly go for high street fashion, some of my favorites are River Island and Zara just to name a few. As mentioned earlier, I love colors and one of my favorite trends this past summer was neon, I also can't pass a good high waist skirt and a crop top.

Any person's fashion style you admire?

Victoria Beckham, she is glamorous. She is always looking chic, modern and sophisticated. 

Instagram: ema_d_diva