Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wow! Christmas is here again. It's actually tomorrow!!!

The Christmas tree, the lights, the shopping for gifts, the sharing of gifts and all the wonderful and beautiful things and events that come with this day.

But what exactly is this day about. On someone's birthday, we all celebrate that person, we give the person gifts, we say happy birthday, we give them a hug, we make them enjoy that one day in the whole year that is theirs.

Christmas day is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 
So while we are enjoying all the festivities and creating wonderful memories let's all remember the person for Whom this day was created.

Lucky for us we don't need to buy him earthly gifts, or bake a cake and send to him...All we need to do is Give Him praise, adoration and thanks. Thank The Lord for giving us His son.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas Holiday songs...Enjoy listening

There are also many other wonderful popular Christmas songs.."12 days of Christmas" "Jingle Bless"  and so on

Enjoy Christmas day with loved ones and family
From me to you
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
Have yourselves a merry merry Christmas!

Been A While

Hmmm It's been a while since I've posted anything...Why? Well...Uhmmmm....Uhmmm..

No to worry I have a whole lot to post but will gradually post them and do my best to post quite regularly.

Well before I created this new blog site few weeks ago, I had and since most people are still familiar with old blog site I still have it open and I still try to check in on that site and reply some of your comments.

Been away for weeks but I still received the messages and emails from different readers and thank you all for reading and been inspired.

As stated in the ABOUT, this blog is not for latest celebrity gossip but to inspire, educate, motivate others through the different posts. To appreciate, celebrate and support others through the interviews posted.

Thank You
Lola Osun