Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yes..Oh Yes!! Absolutely Anything!

" I know I can be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it. I'll be where I wanna be" Lyrics to Nas- I know I can

Is this really true? Yes! Oh Yes! You can be absolutely what you want to be. 

Everyone has a passion. Some have passion for more things than others. There are many people out there with dual careers. You don't have to limit yourself! The Lord has blessed us all with different talents. Though some might have more talents than others but the point is we all have talents.....passion for different things. What we do with these gifts is up to us. You remember the story of the talents (Matthew 25: 15-28),  He gave us these gifts to put to good use. Our gifts don't always have to make us profits but they can still be used to bless others and help the lives of others. Musicians have used their gifts to create beautiful music that we all use during parties, events, listen to when we are happy or sad. Inventors have created many wonderful inventions that we use today....They have used their gift, their talent, their passion..

Everyone has a dream. We all have a goal for ourselves, for our family, for people around us. We have aspirations. It is such joy when we see our dreams become reality. Ever see some people sleeping peacefully but then suddenly wake up screaming because of a bad dream or someone smiling in their sleep because of a beautiful dream?...Well listen, no matter how much these people explain to us how horrible or how beautiful their dream was, we can not fully grasp exactly how horrifying or amazing it was because it was not our dream. It was not in our mind, in our head. Now Listen! Not everyone you tell your dream, your goals, your future aspirations will understand or agree with  your dream. (Genesis 37.5) Joseph had a dream and he told his brothers and they hated him for the dream and they mocked him and sold him off....Years later the same dream became a reality. You see, there will be some people that will hate you for your dream shared. You need to know whom to share your dream with, and when you do share your dream and they mock you, you need to be strong and believe in your dream. Sometimes you'll have to make tough decisions or walk alone for a while but when people start seeing bits and pieces of your dream become a reality or how very possible it is to being a reality, they'll soon believe in your dream and walk with you!

Remember the lyrics "....If I work hard at it. I'll be where I want to be" Well if you don't work hard at it. You can say everyday, "I have a passion for ......" or "I have a dream to....." but it will all be nothing but words. I have met some really amazing people, a young woman who is not just a successful lawyer but also owns her own business. A young man who already has his own uprising business though he is still in school almost done with his masters and many others. Some people already doing well but still working hard to achieve even more and better.. 

Since I've moved to New York I have seen even more opportunities and some of the passions and dreams I had before but didn't have the courage or motivation to act on them, I am now more motivated than ever to act on them..What exactly are these dreams and passions of mine? Hmm that's not important but what's important is for you to be courageous! Start working! Start networking! Start making good use of your opportunities! Talk to people! Meet new people! Be strong! Believe in yourself! Surround yourself with people that motivate you! Be prayerful! Have Faith!

It all takes work, dedication, patience, perseverance and of course prayer...Commit your dreams, your aspirations to God in prayer even as you do your own part.

"I know I can be what I wanna be, If I work hard at it. I'll be where I wanna be"

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