Friday, November 9, 2012

The "city that never sleeps" was made to sleep

The Big Apple! The City that never sleeps! Yup! That’s what New York City is fondly called. If you haven’t visited new york city, you need to.

1am..2am…3am…4am…24 hours, 7 days…There is always something to do, somewhere to go.  Some restaurants and stores still open even during ‘odd hours’ of the night. There’s always still many people around. It is indeed the city that never sleeps.

BUT! On Monday October 29th, 2012. This City was made to sleep. Hurricane Sandy forced her to sleep! Streets were flooded! Power outage! Homes greatly or lightly affected!

Other islands in New York State were also badly affected!

My sympathy to those whose homes were greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

For those in dire need of assistance as a result of the Hurricane Sandy, contact your local areas for centers providing assistance/relief to victims of the hurricane. You can also look for your local salvation army centers, they have food and clothes to give. Check this site for locations.

The American Red Cross also has relief for victims. (

For assistance with your bills, power, and other home services don’t hesitate to call the respective companies. They are willing to assist you!

And to anyone else who can help assist Sandy victims, please do so.  Any way you can help, no matter how little. I encourage you to help/assist and God Bless you even as you do so.

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