Friday, November 9, 2012

Medical School?

Everyone has a dream! Everyone has a passion! Everyone has a goal!

And to achieve them, we need to do that which is needed to make it a reality.

If your dream is to be a medical doctor. Your passion is to help and treat others. Your goal is to be a successful doctor…You’ve got to start somewhere and I hope you have already started.

Talk to those who already went through it…Those who are currently going through it…Do necessary research…know your schools of choice….do some research about the specific field you might be interested in..

Applying to Medical School.

Taking the MCAT exam

You can also download some phone apps for the MCAT…I currently have a few on my phone. Apart from the typical book in front of you or sitting in front of the computer way of studying, you can also work on a few MCAT questions, problems with solutions on your phone…On the Go!

Be informed on the right process! Get on the right path!

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