Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interview with Ms Odunayo Ade of Oyato Designs & Artistry

From beautiful clothing, to the make up, and to the hair...Oyato designs & artistry has got you covered. Ms Odunayo Ade is the young beautiful lady behind "OYATO"   
  • Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Odunayo Ade. I am the third of six children. My parents are originally from
Nigeria, I was born in Brooklyn New York and I am a fashion designer. I went to FIT and
recently graduated in May (from the International trading marketing program) and I got my
fashion degree from Nassau Community college in Long Island New York.

  • Oyato designs & artistry, how did this become a reality? And how did the name Oyato come about?
The name was initially a nickname. During a conversation with one of my friends, she
suggested I use that name but I felt like it didn’t make sense at the time. Later I put a picture up and put the name ‘Oyato’ at the bottom and since then it soon grew into a brand name. Oyato designs & artistry became a reality after I graduated from college and I started off with Oyato designs which is solely clothing and the artistry came about because I love doing makeup and hair. Anything that has to do with beauty, I am a huge fan of it. My cousin who also loves it, partnered with me and that’s how we came with the ‘artistry’. The name ‘Oyato’ means to be different, to stand out.

  • Your first collection was called “Call of the Wild”, what other collections have you had and what’s your latest collection?
The first collection I did, ‘Call of the wild”, was when I was in school. As a fashion degree
major you had to do a final collection when you are graduating. ‘Call of the wild’ is what I
called mine. Other collections I’ve had are Enigmatic, Eclecticism and the latest one which was launched in September of this year is Vintage Pop Print. So far I’ve had four collections. Fashion trends constantly change every season and year and the style of each person varies.

  • How do you make your designs fit the trending fashion styles, appeal to people of different ages and still maintain your authenticity?
I follow trends but not religiously. I think trends are great but they don’t last long and that’s the issue. So I try to make pieces that you can wear this season, next season and several seasons from now. I try to make clothing that is a little more classic. Every girl can wear a flared skirt but trends like the high-low skirts; may not last. That flared skirt is timeless, so I’d rather do more classical pieces and most definitely throw in some trendy ones.
  • You also specialize in hair, makeup and wardrobe styling. What made you get involved in all these other than designing clothes?
All these other things were a passion of mine. I love makeup and love to dress up. As for hair I would say it was something that was passed on. Growing up my mom did our hair and we eventually picked it up. My sisters and I all know how to do hair and we do each other’s hair.

  • Do you personally do all these for your clients or do you have a trained team? Can interested people join your team?
 I would love for people to join. Yes we do have a team. We have Abi, Felicia, Ola, Oye, Lola, Momo, Simone. The beautiful part about our team is that everyone is multitalented. We are always looking for more people to be a part of our team who are interested.
  • What has been your most favorable moment to date for you in your career?
I would like to say graduating from school but that’s so clich√© though graduating was a big
deal for me. However I would say having my own show in September is my most favorable
moment to date. We did a fashion show to debut the ‘Vintage Pop Print” collection in New York during fashion week. I’m hoping more great moments to come.

  • Where and how can people buy your designs, make custom orders, get make up done , get their hair done and wardrobe styling?
We have our designs being sold at and for custom pieces you can email us at We make custom pieces for any events. For hair, makeup or styling you can contact us at We are looking forward to setting up our online shop next year to sell our spring collection.
  • Any projects you are currently working on that we should look forward to?
 We are currently working on our lookbook shoot for ‘Vintage Pop Print’. We also have
a YouTube channel which we launched in October. The link is Here we post videos on makeup, hair, styling and pretty much anything about Oyato designs & artistry.

  • You have made some great accomplishments so far with Oyato designs & artistry and I am sure you still have much more to attain. What is your goal for Oyato designs and artistry?
For Oyato designs I want it to go back to Nigeria and set up a physical shop there. Hopefully in the next 2 years. For Oyato artistry, to gain more recognized women/men of society as clients. We have a very talented group of women and I want their talent to be known to the world.

Visit the website at

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