Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you black or white? Does it really matter?

Are you black or white? Does it really matter?

You remember the lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song “It Doesn't Matter if You’re Black or White” (Black or White).
Now my question to you is does it really matter if we are black or white?

Barack Obama recently won the 2012 Presidential election and though millions were overjoyed by his re-election, there were many others who were very dissatisfied with his re-election.

Since the time of his win, I have seen some tweets and Facebook statuses online saying very terrible things about Obama…and most especially about his skin color. Some referred to him as a ‘monkey’ ‘filthy nigger’ and other derogatory comments.

Recent reports also say that some people in certain states have sent in proposals to formally have their state withdrawn from the United States. Whether or not this is possible or will happen..the question is "Why was that proposal made in the first place"?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion so every citizen is entitled to their opinion of President Obama. One’s distaste for his win due to their disapproval of his political views, his ideas…is a different issue and is okay. However these comments and this need to secede makes one question how far the United States has come with the issue of racism…

Many would argue that as a nation we have made many improvements…Well yes we have. Many would also say that racism still exists and we still have a long way to go.

Yet still, one could ask if all these comments and desire to be removed from the union (United States) are strictly because these people are unhappy that their candidate did not win or is the issue of Barack Obama’s skin color a part of this.

Again I wonder…does it really matter is you are black or white?
What effects does this have on the nation? Does it have any effects?
This just raises so many questions….Sigh!

“God Bless America

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