Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's going on

What's going on?

I have heard a number of people say they don't want to watch the news on TV anymore, because all they hear is sad news everyday, every minute. Now we can't blame these people. (but it is good that we are aware of what is going on around us). Many people are dying. I know from beginning of time people have died and even till the world ends people will die and death is a part of life.

In the last few months alone, we have heard of these deaths; Tony Scott, a famous British producer committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, Chris Lightly according to reports also committed suicide. A recent shooting at the Empire State Building caused 2 death and 9 injuries (the killer had been let off from work and was going to kill his former boss). We all know about the shooting in Colorado Movie Theater that killed at least 14 people and injured several people. There are many other stories we have heard but these are a few.

People turning away from God, people turning away from therapy or it doesn't seem work anymore. People turning to drugs, to guns. People don't care about one another anymore. It's all about SELF.

I ask again! WHAT'S GOING ON?

Was listening to this song; Kirk Franklin - Are You Listening. "Is there anybody out there listening? And does anybody know my name? My Friend we were not there, but we're here and we care. And yes we feel your pain" (You can listen to the song: )

You see we can't always know what pain someone else is going through. We can't always understand or feel the magnitude of pain or stress a person feels BUT sometimes just being there, being supportive, encouraging people can help and goes a long way.

Everyone claims to be so busy yet you see many people on their phones constantly. We always seems to find time to text about new gossip but we find it hard to take a few minutes to send a warm text to one another, an encouraging text. Yes! Yes! sometimes we are genuinely busy but there are other ways we can reach out to others. Smiling and saying thank you to the lady at the counter after giving you your order might just make her day and make her feel appreciated and I have good news for you--It doesn't cost you to do that. You might be listening to a song that motivates you and uplifts you; why not share that song with a friend.

Loosing your source of livelihood, source of income, a roof over your head or loosing a loved one is sad and painful. People deal with sad painful situations differently and we can't very well justify anyone dealing with it by killing another or going out to shoot at a movie theater or any other place. However don't we think there is something one could have done to help those people before it got to that point?

If you remember Lean on me by Kirk Franklin, the lyrics say "Friends are there to catch you when you is my shoulder, you can lean on me". When was the last time we were truly a friend to our friends. Everyone easily calls everyone and anyone a friend but who really is a friend?

Do we pray for one another? When we hear or see an opportunity that would be helpful to a friend, do we let them know or do we shun it? When we know that a friend or someone going into a place, or getting themselves into a situation would cause them harm, do we warn them or shun it? How much do we really care about people around us, about our friends, about our family members?

We live in an egocentric society. Everyone wants everything for themselves! and themselves only! It's all about 'ME'. As long as 'I' am ok, as long as 'I' have what I need, then everything is ok, nobody else matters, nothing else matters. If 'I' don't get what I want, if 'I' don't have this my way then all hell would break loose.

I grew up always seeing my mom helping others. I saw people come to her to talk, and I saw her listen, talk and pray with them. Sometimes I hear my parents on the phone encouraging another person going through an unpleasant situation. I saw and heard my mom always praying for others. You see all these has helped shape me today. Sometimes when I'm praying, I find myself having the name of someone come to mind and without hesitation I pray for that person too. Sometimes when a person comes to mind, I just send a text to encourage them about school or an exam or just for the day.

We need to start caring about others and not just by our words but by our actions! Pray for others. Encourage others. When you see someone post their depressing state on their status on FaceBook, reach out to them. If you are in high school and you always see someone sitting alone at the cafeteria, say hi. If a friend of yours misses class three times in a roll, reach out to them, know what's going on. If you know someone going through a situation and they need someone to talk to, you can suggest counseling and therapy and if they would rather talk to you instead, give them a listening ear.

Everyone needs a helping hand. Everyone needs a friend that cares. Everyone needs a friend that listens. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes. We are not always strong, some situations we can't deal with on our own.

Let's all learn to have a caring heart and not just to our friends but even to those that despise us (Luke 6:27-31)

Most of all let's not get tired of doing good (1 Thess 3:13)



  1. A burden shared makes the heart lighter and a problem shared is a problem half solved. The whole world is a global village and we need to be our brothers keeper The Red cross,United Nations, etc are trying globally. However, if individually, we take it upon ourselves to care about others,the whole world will be the better for it. Lets reach out to someone today.Reach out and touch someone positively today. Touch your spouse,child(ren),sibling, neighbour, co-worker,member of staff, janitor, driver etc. As you touch someones life, see yours lighting up. See God touch yours thru others. Bless you.

  2. Mojisola Derin-BrownSeptember 7, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    This is a reminder for all of us. We have all forgotten what it is to give a helping hand. One of the best gift is extending a hand of help to someone.