Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today with much older women

You know elderly people love to talk and drop some knowlege on you. Sometimes when they come to us we are like 'oh boy, she is gonna talk for hourssssss" Yes we do that sometimes. But sometimes what they say is just what you need to hear.

Few months ago, a much older woman said "even in your 20s you are all still just big teenagers and you don't come out of that till your late 20s" I never really paid much attention to her statement until today during my talk with some much older people today.

How that conversation started is a whole different story but I'm here to share the important part with you. One of the older ladies said, 'not until after 25, you start understanding things a little better and when you are 30, you have a much better understanding, experience and appreciation and value for things life but now you are all just still young and take too many things for granted" She went on to say 'At this age, we also don't like to listen to older folks because we think we know it all, we just won't listen..."

I know many of us not over 25, will quickly take offence to that and try to defend our age group, but sometimes when we hear such statements, we need to sit back and analyze ourselves. I did and I came to understand that it is quite true.

1 corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, and when I grew up, I put my childish ways away. Many of us even at this age, we are still trying to shake off our childish ways and grow up. Now sometimes, we do need someone to point out those particular childish ways and guide us through. Sometimes it takes a certain moment, experience, situation to shake them off.

I am not going to point fingers at others without checking myself too. So there you go! I am guilty of some childish ways. When I turned 24, I felt, now I'm grown and I remember telling that to my dad and I also remember him telling me "No you are not, you are still a kid" and he didnt mean it in the "no matter how old you are you are still a kid to your parents" kind of!!! He meant, no I am still a kid!

I am 24, going to be 25 in 8 months. I am looking forward to reaching half the golden birthday and 1/4 of a century..Since April when I turned 24 till now, I've learned more about myself and I won't say I am thrilled about everything but I am however thrilled I got to learn and know those childish ways and can now work on putting them aside. I am even happier that I learned those childish ways now, so I make correction now where necessary. It's better to make certain mistakes now than make them later in our older years when they will really hurt us badly and in some cases cause irreversible damages.

I think once in a while, we need to analyze ourselves. See where and who we are now, where and who we were before , and where and who we want to be. See what progress we have made, what good changes we have made. Doing so is to make us better, not for anyone esle but for YOURSELF :)

But hey while trying to analyze yourself and put away childish ways, don't be too hard on yourself when you realize mistakes you've made. Mistakes are simply for our development. You are also going to need to deal with hearing some things about yourself from your friends that you usually would not like to hear. You don't have to do everything they say but it does help to use their words to look into yourself. Today I heard some things about myself that oh boyy I didnt want to hear or totally agree with but some minutes later I thought about it and I'm using it to look into myself better and be better in certain areas.

I saw this quotes : "I'm not where I need to be, but I thank God, I'm not where I used to be" and "Strive for progress not perfection" You see I am not the same little girl I once was, I'm older now, I've changed in certain ways, in certain areas but I am not yet done. There is room for improvement so I strive for progress in all areas.

A butterfly was once a caterpillar shedding its skin more than once before it became the pupa that became the beautiful butterfly. A rose once was just a seed that took days of sunlight and watering to grow into the beautiful rose. That said GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AS YOU CONTINUE EACH DAY TO GROW AND BE A BETTER YOU TOMORROW THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY


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