Friday, August 17, 2012

Interview with Hannat & Anthony

Hannat and Anthony

Tell us a little bit about yourself

H: A college graduate, aspiring nurse practitioner. I love the Lord, like to see the best in people and like to have fun

A: From Buffalo, went to University at Buffalo (UB), a teacher and an Alpha Phi Alpha

How long have you two been together?

H: A little over a year

How did you two meet?

H: Black Student Union at UB

A: I was the chair of the Black Men United

H: I attended one of their meetings and that meeting is what put the nail in the coffin

What was the first thing that attracted you to your partner?

H: His chivalry and persona. Where some guys allow girls to do something, he was the one to say no

A: Her smile and her eyes. Most guys are attracted to what they see first but also what I heard about her do on campus and things she would let me know.

Today, unlike years ago, intercultural relationships are more widely accepted, would you say this positive reaction has lessened the pressure of intercultural dating for both of you? Do you still feel any pressures at all?

A: The fact that interracial relationship is also accepted does help intercultural relationships. Even if we are both black, there are still cultural differences but personally I don't feel there are any pressures. It is exciting to learn more.

H: I never planned on marrying a Nigerian so I was ready for any pressures. So the first day Anthony visited my family, I was ready for any blows.

This question is for you, Anthony. Though Hannat was born and raised in the US, She has Nigerian parents and a Nigerian Yoruba background. What have you learned about Nigeria and the Yoruba culture since dating Hannat?

A: I've learned a lot about it, first from talking with her about it. Taking part in the family activities and also from studying about it in class at UB (University at Buffalo). Learning a few greetings in yoruba. I know "Ekaaro" and "Ekasan" . From going to traditional Nigerian baby dedication and traditional wedding ceremony, I have some Nigerian clothing and I love jollof rice.

Describe your partner in 2 words.

H: Handsome and everything a MAN should be. He is hard to describe in just 2 words.

A: I can't use two but I'll try. Beautiful in and out.......She redefines my understanding of what a WOMAN is and exceeds my expectation. She is inspring.

Lastly, what would you say has kept your relationship this far and any advice you would like to share with other couples?

H: Communication. It is imperative to any kind of relationship whether uncle, brother, parents, friends...Not letting things get to the point where things can't be discussed without confrontation.

A: Yes, communication is key. Knowing what you have and knowing how valuable the relationship is. Creating a plan and working towards making the relationship grow.