Sunday, August 12, 2012

Come Kukere with me

"All my ladies! All my ladies!...." 🎢🎡

Ever have something to write or do and don't know how to start because your mind is clogged and things just don't seem to flow..
Well you could just do what I just did ...

Cook some coconut rice and kidney beans with chicken

Or you could just put on some dancing shoes and dance!!!

I did! and well lets just say the food was all gone in less than an hour
Here's the song I've been dancing to

If you know how to dance the azonto you won't find dancing to this a task...hehehe
Have a wonderful new week everyone!!


  1. The Kukere dance is really a wake me up dance. Was at the valadictory & speech giving day at Igbobi College a couple of weeks ago and some
    boys did choreography using the Kukere. It was really good.

  2. That's nice. It's a really catchy song.