Friday, July 27, 2012

Pay Attention!

Dad says that cup is too hot but she is too busy on her phone until she touches the cup and burns herself. …

The light turns red but she is too busy on her phone, she runs the red light and gets a fine fee in the mail…

He says he needs some time with her but she is too busy out with friends until he finds time elsewhere….

The professor is in class explaining the Kreb’s cycle but she is too busy replying a text until he says bring out a small piece of paper and a pen….”

Heard an old lady on TV today say “I didn’t get to be 109 years old without paying attention”

Probably wondering where I’m going with all this…well hearing that lady on TV and well coupled with my ‘oh so wonderful day’ (sarcastically saying) something stirred up in me. They say life is a teacher; each day with its lessons. If this is true which it is, then how much attention do we give to the lessons?

The year has different seasons, summer; winter, fall and spring. In each season, we are required to act accordingly. In the summer, its hot (like now, its sooo hot), we wear clothes to fit the temperature. There are more vacations during the summer time. In the winter, we have to change to winter jackets and gloves. It’s in the winter, we have the snow and have a beautiful white Christmas. We have to pay attention to the weather to know what to wear before we step out of the house. Just as there are different seasons in the year, so are there different seasons in life, with each season requiring us to change accordingly…..if only we pay attention to them. Each life’s season has its triumphs and trials, both of which make us better stronger individuals…if we pay attention.

To pay attention to the lessons, is a choice we make. When in class, it is a choice we make to be attentive to what the professor has to say. When our parents, those in authority, our friends, or experienced people warn us, it is a choice we make to pay attention to their warnings.

When we eat anything and everything, our body speaks to us but when we refuse to pay attention to it, it ends up breaking down and we find ourselves having to pay so much for medication.

When we have arguments and misunderstandings at school, at work, at home, with friends, with siblings or with partners, there is always something there for us to pay attention to or to have paid attention to. The arguments could have been long coming and eventually occurred because we gave little or no attention to those subtle gestures.

When we pay attention, we learn more, we grow. You learn to deal with disappointments better, with people better, with situations better. You learn to be happier. You learn to be stronger. You learn to do things differently but better. Growth brings change. Change isn’t always good but the change from growing, from learning, from paying attention…is a change that is good.

There are quite a number of things I gave little or no attention to but there comes a time when you need to stop being too busy and start paying attention. I’m paying attention now.

…………………….By the way when we pay attention, not all the things we see or hear will make us laugh, smile, or happy at that moment. Some will make us upset, pissed, angry, sad, irritated… Please, don’t stop paying attention when it does…in the end you’ll grow and when you old and wise you can say to the young ones “I didn't get to be 109 years old without paying attention”..

Sigh! It’s been a long day…will add new postings tomorrow, hopefully


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  2. Thank You! I hope you do find some interesting ideas :)

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  5. Lol! Lucky me you stumbled upon the post/blog. Good to know you like this post. And Thanks :)