Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me, You...Self Righteous?

Listening to sermons by Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes last week made me ponder on this issue: Christians are usually the most judgmental and self righteous people. We have many christians who feel that other christians who miss church one or more sundays or who don't constantly update their facebook status with bible passages or who forget to read their bible one day are not good Christians. You do remember the bible says our righteousness are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) As Christians we are not to boast of our righteousness or our good acts or deed otherwise we already get our reward and have no reward from our Father in heaven (Matthew 6:1).

Listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyer, she makes a point using the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31). It is better to be a prodigal son than the older brother who was self righteous. When the prodigal son returned home the father, his father was over so glad to have him back, he asked his servants to bring out the best robe for him, got sandals and a ring for him. He also ordered that the best calf be killed and they had a party for his arrival. When they older son came, he was angry because he had never disobeyed his father, always did right but a party was never thrown for him with the best robe or best calf. Joyce said many christian are in the house (church) who attend church everyday, read their bible everyday, do almost everything that would make one say "oh that is a very good christian" but have an unforgiving heart, resentment, malice in their heart and very judgmental. She points out that God would rather be happy with a person who does not attend church regularly and has a pure heart than a person who pays tithes but has a wicked heart.

Pastor T.D Jakes said God needs us despite our situation. That is no matter how many times you fall into sin and ask for forgiveness, no matter how long you have taken to find your way back to God, no matter how many times you have missed church, mo matter how many times you forgot to read your bible this month, no matter what you decide to post on your FaceBook status...God wants you!! God needs you!! You remember in John 4, When Christ was talking to the woman by the well. She had many husbands..five to be specific. When His disciples came they were shocked to see Christ talking to her. Yes! Christ loved even the woman with 5 husbands!

Next time you are about to judge another christian, remember....don't! As Christians if you see another christian falling astray, you are to pray for them, talk to them and help them back in the right path rather than judge. Judge not that ye not be judged (Matt 7:1-2). Even our Father does not judge us "You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one" (John 8:15).

So dear fellow Christians, let's stop being so self righteous and so judgmental of others!!!

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