Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being a kid back then.....

I’m entitled to my own opinion right? Ok. Well I will say this any day and any time “Being a Kid back then is better than being a kid now”. Back then as kids, our innocence was preserved....we were exactly what we were “KIDS”. All we wanted to do was go to the playground, watch cartoons, sing nursery rhythms, play with our dolls, or race cars. We were made to use our brains…..our minds….to develop them. As a kid back then, you might see an empty cardboard box and with the beauty of imagination, we would turn that box into a play house, and did different fun stuff with the box. All we wanted to watch was Barney, Rugrats, Telly-Tubbies and so on. We would go out to play and get ourselves all dirty with sand and come back home and our parents will clean us up or when we were a little older, we would clean ourselves. However today…look at the kids, their innocence is taken away from them. We have more kids being brought up in unstable homes, no structure. These little kids are given more responsibility than their mental and physical abilities can handle. Back then, at the age of 8, you just wanted to play dress up, you might have a boy or girl in class you liked, but the strong desire to have sex? C’mon it wasn’t there but today, in the news you hear od many girls who are barely 10 years of age, raped and some sexually active even before the age of 12!!. Back then, the music we listened to, had a good message and the music videos were almost like watching a short movie but today, you can listen to some music and struggle with understanding exactly what the message is. It’s almost like if you don’t have a woman at least half naked then you don’t have a good video. Technology! Technology!! Yes technology is great and it had grown and is still growing. It has many great advantages but looking at its effects on the kids in this generation, I would say technology has done SOME pretty damaging things to kids. Kids today can barely have a decent conversation which each other when they are in the same room…it’s like outside the world of texting, kids don’t know how to relate with each other decently and rationally. Back then, to do a math problem, we had to use our brains not calculators. Ok…trust me its good using calculators sometimes to work some math problems but today some kids can barely do the basic math problems without a calculator. Back then, you didn’t have easy access to laptops and watch endless videos of who knows what…we had to read books, some with pictures. We fed our brains!

Listen! Kids are supposed to be a gift to mothers…to parents from God. If one isn’t ready to take the responsibility of having a kid, then don’t and if you do or happen to get pregnant then it’s your responsibility to protect the child’s innocence. We are having way to many kids raising kids…yes! I see many young girls…teenagers, barely hitting 18, with babies…raising kids! Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he would not depart from it”. No matter how many times we deny it, the way we were raised affects us as we get older, it sets our values. Now I believe that the parents, guardian, single mothers or fathers can’t do the job alone and the society has a role to play. The leaders and people in authority in the states and local areas need to rise to the task and do something. We are having too many kids killing themselves. As a kid back then, I was looking forward to growing up…we dreamt of becoming a doctor or a baseball player or being an adult like mommy or daddy so we could do things like them but today we have many kids who have lost the desire to live. Kids!!! Too many kids being kidnapped. Too many kids being abused.. This saddens me greatly! :-(


  1. Core values have taken a spin and landed not on its two feet but on its head.It is upside down. Children are hardly out of the cradle before they become bread winners and babyParents.

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  3. Thanks! And what idea would that be if you don't mind sharing?