Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello world!

This was postesd on the old site but just decided to still keep it here on the new site.

Sunday, March 24th 9:55pm...Officially my first post!! YAY!!!

I'm Lola Osun. I'm not too old and not too! .

You are probably wondering...'what is she blogging about' well. I asked myself that question weeks ago when the idea to blog first came to mind. I am not a celebrity so you are not going to read about my million dollar mansions, my next new won' t get the latest gossip about like what what Beyonce did today or yesterday.

So exactly what am I going to write? Hmmm I'm writing about anything and everything...the issues that affect lil ol me and our everyday simple or complicated lives. Oh by the way the category for this is 'Everything and Anything'

I am a christian, and as such I am expected to spread his word. NO! I AM NOT HERE TO JUDGE ANYONE ..but as Christians we should share his word, be strong for others when they fall or backslide...THAT SAID! I have a category called 'It's a Life for Christ' where myself and other believers get to share his word and help each other continue the walk of righteousness.

I'm not a Fashionista, neither am I obsessed with fashion but I can say a thing or two right? So don't be surprised if you see one or two or three or more posts that are fashion related. You know we all want to look good. LOL!! I titled that category 'Beautiful Me....Handsome...You'

We all have questions we are seeking answers too. We have our own opinions on different issues. Our own ideas. So feel free to comment, share your own opinion(s), share your own ideas....No one is perfect! We can all learn from one another. And please let's be respectful of one another's comments.

Thanks :)


  1. Really nice and informative i hope a lot of people get to see this blog

  2. Thanks!. I also checked out your site and I've added it to "Links to Visit" on my blog so others who hopefully visit this blog can also visit your site. May the Lord continue to make your company grow. Amen.