Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can I wear my hoodie?..please and thank you

Trayvon! Trayvon! Zimmerman! Zimmerman! I'm sure most of you are familiar with these names which have come up in recent news. One that makes your stomach churn... If you want to know more about the story you can read the links below and also check your daily news. Stay Informed and Be Informed about what's going on around you...Knowledge as they say is power.

Injustice. Racism. Self Defense...and the list goes on. There is so much been said and to be said and done. But one thing amongst all that bothers me about this, is the case of security and trust in our policemen/watchmen.

This makes me ask myself? Can my brothers walk the streets, go out to walk a friend or go to the store with their hoodie on and be safe? I'm sure it makes parents ask that question too. Obama recently made a comment "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". It's spring but it's also quite chilly in spring. Yesterday I wore a light Jacket and oh boyy was I hit by the cold wind in Manhattan. We are still and always will have people wearing hoodies but should we now walk around with the fear that If I wear a hoodie and I'm colored, there is the possibility that I will be considered a threat to the security of a neighborhood and might be shot if I make a slight move? Now I am not saying that these are exactly what transpired between Zimmerman and Trayvon but such a tragic event makes you ask these questions.

As people of color, we are faced with the pain of everyday racial profiling. After many years of fighting against segregation, today we still have some people who see a young colored man, and immediately hide their purse. Yes you know that still happens. We even have colored people in schools, who make it to college and graduate and have good jobs but are still looked down upon or questioned how they were able to make it through college. Let me tell you a secret....'people of color are also smart, intelligent and educated'. We as a country and as a people have come too far to still have colored people be readily labelled as "people of crime".

Teenagers are teenagers, they will also do silly things like get in a fight but if and when they do..will someone shoot them simply because they got in a fight? Fighting is wrong but will a security officer calmly resolve it rather than shoot?

I want to be home or at work or out anywhere and know that my brothers are safe out there? I want to know that I can trust that my brothers, boyfriend, male cousins, nephews and male friends.. ..are safe out there! Security laws, security officers are there to make us feel safe but now can we feel safe? do we feel safe? are we safe?

I have a jacket on this very moment and guess what? It has a hoodie...

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