Saturday, March 24, 2012

A lesson from my sis

I have an Amazing Big Sister who is married to an Amazing brother in law. Sorry can't give names or too much info.....Anyways what I want to say is....Many people don't believe in love. don't believe in marriage, don't believe in relationships especially with the high divorce rate today....But I wish you could see my sister and her me, you will change your mind about love, marriage, relationships.

I have learned quite some things from them and I want you to know too. A couple that prays together, stays together. Pray each day with your partner. Share your thoughts, ideas and plans with your partner. Let your partner not just be your husband or wife but your friend.

I have a lot more I have learned from them but I'll like to know what you think are some ingredients to a healthy loving relationship (and yes I know there will be arguments, disagreements...and all that down and lows...I disagree with my siblings and friends sometimes but we still have a healthy loving relationship). For those who have fallen out of their marriages, how can they get it restored? I do believe people can make it back together and make it work.. What do we need to do to sustain our relationships, marriages today...We need more marriages like 'those days' not today where most people get in and out like they are hoping on a train in New York...hop in, hop out.

P.S I wish you all in a relationship and/or marriage....a Happy & Blessed one!!

Much Love


  1. This is a nice blog. Just a thought, sometimes most relationships fail because some humans don't go above & beyond to fix the little issues we are confronted with. We always expect God to do the automatic fix without trying to fix our part of the puzzle. The foundation on which a relationship stands on also says it all. Love is what you make of it. It's all about self-determination!

  2. to sustain a marriage requires much more than love. love is a main ingrediens t
    but not the 0nly need d
    both couple need to be honest with one another& be willing to forgive one another all of the time. too often people marry for wrong reasons. maybe because of physical, social,economic or
    selfish reasons. all these pale after a while and reality sets in. if the relationship is not solid, it crumbles
    when challenges come as it surely will.

  3. Well this.. unfortunately the love in your sister's marriage is so hard to find recently.